Even rabid fans of the sitcom SEINFELD are realizing that that joke about Jerry not being a good actor, built right into the classic show itself, is actually true... More noticeable here as he plays the fast-talking spokesman of Kellogg's cereal who winds up inventing Pop Tarts (NOT based on the real guy who ACTUALLY invented Pop Tarts)... And while it's an overboard performance, using his snappy build-to-the-punchline delivery while portraying a desperately hyper-active (and somewhat shallow) advertising man trying to save one cereal company (Kellogg's) from another (Post)... at least he's TRYING to act here... or rather, he's attempting to pull off a performance instead of just being Jerry... 

And Jerry's no stranger to letting an ensemble of more experienced actors shine around him... But UNFROSTED simply has too many cooks, ranging from Jim Gaffigan as one of the Kellogg's neurotic family members, seeming to imitate Jerry's verbal rhythm like a bad imitation... or Melissa McCarthy, playing, once again, Melissa McCarthy as... well... She's ALSO someone working for the same cereal company that's part of an all-star Made-for-Netflix movie that feels as if MAD MEN were being parodied on a hybrid of SNL and GLEE for 90-minutes... And as for deliberate acting-ringer Hugh Grant as the guy who voiced Tony the Tiger... a pretentious stage-actor sinking to the lowly depths of capitalism, he's just kinda... well... he's just kinda there... As a matter of fact, everything here (with all the frantically-eclectic running around) are just kinda there... even and especially Seinfeld himself, doing his best to make every... single... second.... matter... For either an intended slapdash laugh, or perhaps to cover up the fact that, as a novice director, he's bought into the old con-man's adage that... Using enough fast-flying information, they'll never figure out that you actually... don't know anything.. Grade: D

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