year: 1986
cast: Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy, Jon Cryer, Annie Potts
rating: **

After John Hughes died I brushed up on his work, and stumbled upon the one I never really cared for. Why? Two main reasons: Class envy and a flitting metrosexual named after a water fowl who I still think preferred Andrew McCarthy to Molly Ringwald. I'm not exactly sure who this movie's for... girls without money who love themselves or girls with money who hate themselves. Or was Hughes inventing his own dream-chick before he had two nerds do it for him? The characters were cliched, the plot nonexistent, and the corny scene where Andrew McCarthy hacks into Molly Ringwald's computer — providing her pictures and a glimpse into the future of Instant Messaging — literally almost killed me. I was near the end... I saw a white light... I heard Annie Potts' grating voice... The light grew larger...

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  1. I have to admit every time I've attempted to watch this movie (except the first time in a movie theater) I can't sit through the whole thing. My thinking was that, "Hey it's John Hughes! Hey it's Molly Ringwald, I'm supposed to like this, right?!?"

    I didn't like it the first time I saw it and started to hate this movie.

    On the other hand I LOVE the song.


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