year: 2009
cast: Jim Carrey, Bob Hoskins
director: Robert Zemekis
rating: **

Amazing how much a modern 3D movie can put you RIGHT THERE, like you're experiencing every nook and cranny as a nearby observer. But that's also the problem. Everything happens as if being spied upon - taking away from any story being told... much less a classic one. I never felt the journey - of a grumpy, stingy old man being shown his past, present and future by three ghosts - had any other reason to change Scrooge from a nasty coot to the nicest guy in the world other than the fact he got the piss scared out of him by formidable CGI specters. It had little to do with his neglected childhood, his selfish present state or outlook on Christmas, his doomed future... or a little crippled boy named Tim. (Being shrunk to the size of a walnut and chased around by the Grim Reaper and his demonic black horses would have turned Hitler into a Care Bear too.) Nothing was special about Scrooge's redemption other than the fact he was forced on a trip through hell and was glad to be alive at the end. The point of the Dicken's tale is that Scrooge is SHOWN these things that alter his outlook, not force-fed them. While director Robert Zemekis got his money's worth of CGI, he overlooked everything else.


  1. I'm not a fan of CGI-gasms. I have no plan on seeing this movie 3D or no 3D. My concern more is with the upcoming James Cameron movie AVATAR. Depending on what I've seen I've had conflicting opinions, and I've never liked 3D. In the original trailer it looked no better than many computer games I've played. I've seen newer clips though that make it at least look interesting. I swore I was never going to go see Avatar, but I probably will. 3-D or no 3-D, that is the question. Being an eye-glass wearer makes me hate 3-D, will the darn things even fit on my face right over my glasses? Will they scratch my glasses? I've seen IMAX 3-D glasses and they don't fit at all with my new pair of glasses.

    Oh well.

  2. yeah they wouldn't be good with someone with glasses, i never even considered that. as for this movie, the 3D was the only thing going for it, as in, it had very little story. AVATAR... that will be, um, interesting. people are predicting a big bomb for Cameron, but his last movie was predicted to be a bomb too, financially.


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