year: 2003
cast: Anthony Hopkins, David Morse
rating: **

I could have sworn that Anthony Hopkins was supposed to be the kid as an old man who went back in time to help the kid (a younger version of himself) cope with life and to score with the little girl who ends up dying in the middle storyline wherein David Morse is ACTUALLY the kid grown up and looks exactly like a young Anthony Hopkins. Are you confused? Not as much as I was watching this movie. It begins with David Morse (in the present time) going to a funeral for one friend and then finding out another has also died. Then he visits his dilapidated house and remembers when he was young - in the late sixties - living with a bitchy single mother and an old lodger, played by Hopkins, who helps him with... I think I already covered this part but... This is really just a mediocre coming-of-age tale; a "Stand By Me" (also by Stephen King) but without any purpose. I'm still not sure what happened or what I just wrote about it.

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