year: 2009
cast: Will Ferrell
rating: *1/2

In most cases when Hollywood revamps an old TV show and turns it into a film, it seems the stars of the film are intruding upon the show's template but trying to keep the basic plot intact while altering things for their particular style. In this case the (side) character's of the classic Sid and Mart Krofft's LAND OF THE LOST are intruding upon a really bad Will Farrell science-fiction action comedy mess... and don't seem too happy about it. Enik The Altrusion, Grumpy the Dinosaur, the Sleestaks, and Chaka seem like prisoners conforming to Farrell and his two co-stars raunchy hijinks, which are as funny as lung cancer (Ferrell delivers a few lines well, but has nothing to do with the storyline being funny... it's just him). The action is pretty much non-stop like a person with nothing to say never shuts up. And the CGI looks like a cartoon. JURASSIC SOUTH PARK would be a more fitting title (no offense to either). Well the good thing is, the film bombed, big time. Let's hope Hollywood learns that we Generation Xers love our old shows (no matter how corny they were) and would rather celebrate than parody (i.e. ruin) them. Get your hands off our childhood you unoriginal bastards, and start thinking up new ideas that can be demolished in thirty years by someone else. Then again, nothing in the last ten years would probably merit a remake. So I guess that explains all the remakes.

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  1. My question for you Jim is that you knew this movie was going to suck. Why did you waste your time attempting to watch it?

    It seems long ago now that Will Ferrell would be funny in 1 out of 3 or 4 movies that he was in if he was lucky. Okay maybe he's been funny in 2 movies and the rest were horrible. Jack Black on the other hand...hopelessly cursed with bad movies or maybe he really just does suck.

    I put Will Ferrell and Jack Black in the same category. Two of the most overrated, overpaid 'comedian' actors who for some reason keep getting paid to be star billing in movies that if Studio executives were actually sober one day a week would never spend the money to make.

    I never saw this movie, I never will. There was only one Land of the Lost and that was the televisions show, THE ORIGINAL Land of the Lost television show, not that lame remake many years later.

    Not only should Hollysucks leave our childhood memories alone with the television shows we loved, but please, please please stop making Re-makes of movies that we grew up loving, that were great classic films, and now people seeing the crappy remakes will only remember the new movies and never take the time to go back and see the wonderful originals.


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