year: 2007
cast: Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes
director: Rob Reiner
rating: ***

Two old dudes who meet in a terminal ward, one rich and one poor, go around the world and visit various places before they die. The way this is filmed, each location seems as pretty yet uninteresting as something from a traveloque informmerical. The movie itself isn't THAT bad. Jack Nicholson, the rich guy, is basically doing an imitation of his character in "As Good As It Gets" but more subdued, and of course Morgan Freeman plays a really soft-spoken wise man, as usual, and as usual he narrates. It seems though Rob Reiner, who's made some great films, is asleep behind the wheel. The actors seem very alone, but since they are dying, maybe this was deliberate. And all the other actors seem in sleep-mode; straight outta central casting. But the two leads do a good enough job to make this moderate Movie-of-the-Weekesque fare. But the next day you'll have forgotten all about it.

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