year: 1981
rating: **

Overall this is an okay fantasy, in looks, but lacked overall movie magic and yet, used way too much of it in the literal sense, being that the main character was a sorcerer's apprentice, providing an "out" in many instances, leaving the story without much difficulty or hardship for the good guys or suspense for the audience. It was all a little too easy, and the climax is a big letdown except that the dragon looks incredible, and isn't dated to this day. The real problem is the hero, played by who'd usually be cast as a weenie-wimp later on: Peter MacNicol. On the other hand, Caitlin Clarke, who dressed as a boy to avoid the town's virgin sacrifice to the dragon, tricks everyone, which would've never happened since she's far too cute. One sequence where a princess is killed by baby dragons... the evil puppets eating/crunching her feet... is downright disturbing, feeling more like the filmmakers wanted to rich girl to pay for her wealth rather than her death making any sense within the already convoluted storyline. 

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