title: METEOR
year: 1979
cast: Sean Connery, Brian Keith, Natalie Wood, Martin Landau
rating: *

This shows us how a meteor could destroy the earth... kind of. Almost every scene takes place in a stuffy underground technical room. While latter-films "Armagedden" and "Deep Impact" had astronauts blasting off to blow things up, all the actors here stand around and talk about it. A scene involving Russian and American missles flying side-by-side to attack the meteor is one of the unintenionally funniest scenes in history. Otherwise worthwhile actors like Connery, Brian Keith (as a humble Russian Czar... kind of a Soviet Teddy Rosevelt), Natalie Wood (as Connery's sorta love interest), and Karl Malden overact to the hilt... especially Martin Landau as an evil American General (aren't all American Generals evil in Hollywood films?). If you like horrendous big-budget disasters, this is just what the doctor ordered.

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