year: 1985
rating: **

Hippie-burnout Dennis Hopper plays a hippie-burnout but as an ex-political science teacher who is about to flunk a slacker student played by John Stockwell, who'd rather fix cars in auto shop than to create a science project. Stockwell joins a nerdy girl and his confident Italian buddy Fisher Stevens and they find a contraption in a shut-down army barracks: that just happens to be created by aliens and dumped by the military in the fifties. With the devise they head back home and, because of it, Stockwell's car breaks down and so does the movie: becoming a cold-war science-fiction yawner that makes little to no sense, and involves time travel that, in most cases, is an intriguing concept... but not here. The only place I wanted to travel back too is the first twenty minutes as the film was being set up: that was at least entertaining.

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