year: 2008
rating: *

The plot is liken to that of a porno: two hot women travel to Barcelona, Spain and meet a studly artist Javier Bardem, and this big lug invites them to bed. One of the friends, Vicky, who is inhibited and structured, doesn't want to hop in the sack with this guy after knowing him for a good twenty seconds. But wild free-spirited Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) has the hots for him. They all travel by plane to his villa (how does this freewheeling artist in a socialist country have so much money without a real job?) and as fate would have it, Cristina gets sick, thus leaving the reluctant Vicky and the artist alone, and eventually they have sex in a park after he woos her by taking her to listen to a Spanish guitar player and Bardem's dangerous ex wife Penelope Cruz, who he had been talking about throughout the movie, and who'd just attempted suicide, and is now going to live in the same house. So now do we finally have a plot? Hardly. This is a complete mess from beginning to end.

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