year: 1986
cast: Robin Williams, Rick Moranis, Eugene Levy
rating: **1/2

There are certain comedies, most of them from the eighties, that aren't very funny. But they're worth watching because the story evolves, the characters are witty, and a lot of things happen to keep you interested. You have a fireman played by Robin Williams (in a surprisingly subdued role) who gets blown out of a window, collects insurance, and moves to a tropical island. He bums around there a while until he, in aiding his friend who is about to lose his hotel, revamps the place as Club Paradise... which is really a dump. Director Harold Ramis throws enough stuff out there, so some are bound to land. And some things do... at least enough to make it worth watching. Especially a misplaced Peter O'Toole in another desert, but with a nicer climate and softer sunshine. 

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