year: 1970
cast: Various
producer: Rod Serling
rating: **

First off I don't like Rod Serling's hair on Season 2. I know that's trite but a graying perm on Mr. Serling bugs. I like my Serling frost-perm free. And now a short review. I really can't stand politics in TV shows, and I am a big fan of old shows and sometimes I have to cringe watching as political elements are peppered in, but in "Night Gallery" Season 2 politics not only pepper the episodes, they envelope them completely. "Want salad with that dressing?" ("The Boy Who Could Predict Earthquakes" and "Class of 1999" are two examples). Serling grew tired of NG quickly and I'm not sure for the same reasons I am. He said it started out well (season 1 is pretty decent) but that it became "Mannix in the Cemetery", for which he's probably referring to the show becoming more mainstream or action oriented. Crime and action I wouldn't mind. It's the sign-of-the-times-that-are-a-changing politics that not only date particular episodes, but ruin them entirely. A TWIST ending shouldn't be a cork-screw that opens something; in other words, keep the agendas to yourself and entertain me. I thank God "The Twilight Zone" stuck with the supernatural, not the super political. But I shouldn't just blame politics on Season Two. Some of the episodes suck because they're not that good, or bizarre, or interesting. Only a few are mildly entertaining. And I have to admit - it's always cool seeing those classic character-actors no matter.

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