alt title: GRINDHOUSE  
year: 2007
rating: *

Originally segment 2 of a double-feature horror send up GRINDHOUSE, Tarantino collaborated with buddy Robert Rodriguez doing their own low-budget films. Robert's zombie effort "Planet Terror", with wall-to-wall CGI, is anything but low-budget yet the story's good as are the characters. This film is the complete opposite. Plot SUPPOSEDLY centers on a lunatic named "Stuntman Mike" (Kurt Russell) who has a "deathproof" car: the driver's side protected from crashing but if seated anywhere else you're toast. Unfortunately for body-count-horror buffs there's very little toast - one victim gets snuffed in the very killer car the film's named after while four others are killed BY the car (all deaths occur ten minutes from each other). Imagine cinematic killers Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, or Michael Myers only killing two times per movie. And now imagine them actually CRYING LIKE BABIES, as happens to the "monster" in this movie: An embarrassment from start to finish. 


  1. I dug the PLANET TERROR half of the movie. I liked the trailers better than Death Proof. Werewolf Women of the SS - where was that movie? I'm sure it would have been better than DEATH PROOF, ugh.

  2. yeah the trailers were okay. still not as good as i expected. i thought DEATHPROOF was really bad. kurt russell crying like a baby at the end, and the fact he's hardly in the movie, ugh. it's so bad. and yeah, PLANET TERROR is cool, well done.


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