year: 1979
cast: Burt Reynolds, Candace Bergen, Charles Durning
director: Alan J. Pakula
rating: *

James L. Brooks wrote the script and the guy who Hollywood (and many others) adored for "All the President's Men" directed. The pace is slow and the film is totally pointless. I have nothing more to say other than this movie's title is how you'll feel after the first fifteen minutes: like STARTING OVER with another movie... perhaps one about Watergate... or something. ANYTHING but this.


  1. Loved "Sharky's Machine" and "Heat" - the Burt Reynolds 'HEAT' not Al Pacino & Robert DeNiro & Michael Mann HEAT - sheesh people need to stop naming movies the same names of classics or at least ones I've seen, I hate that shit. And yes I saw 'Starting Over' when it came out, don't ask why, I saw Burt Reynolds and had to see it. I also saw Same Time Next Year in the movie theater with Alan Alda, yes I was a masochist obviously.

  2. It's sad that HEAT will always be attributed to that horrible movie.


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