It's obvious that George Clooney and Julia Roberts feel more natural attempting intense scenes together than bouncing off each other in a romantic comedy fashion...

Yet there is little for them to smile about: Once married for five years, they've hated each other for twenty, and have a law school grad daughter who, on a tropical island vacation, gets engaged to a local... 

And the fiance is not only cookie-cutter perfect-looking (like Roberts convenient young French boyfriend) but he spouts Buddhist platitudes and is simply too good to be true... Never allowing Clooney or Roberts... whose plan is to break up the engagement while supposedly loathing each other in the process... to have a logical reason for wanting what's best for their daughter... After all, in this age of neo-feminism, having a young lady go from having a future as a high profile lawyer to following her man around in his native territory, it's surprising the writer backs the young couple more than the old, whose random personal bulwarks are both contrived and tiresome... Meanwhile Clooney and Roberts, for real life friends and past collaborators, have absolutely no chemistry together: Which does make their prior divorce seem more realistic... perhaps deliberately... only these two don't really seem to hate each other... In fact neither seem to realize the other's even around, leaving the audience to scratch their heads and wonder how (or even why) these people hooked up in the first place... or why on earth they'd ever want to be together again. Rates: 1/2

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